Special Projects

Special projects

Although most of our projects that we complete are the same from year to year we sometimes have requests for unusual and different tasks, that we are rarely unable to complete, or are completely new to us.

We thoroughly enjoy these tasks as they help our staff and crew develop their skills and give them a new and exciting challenge to work towards.

Some examples of the special projects that we have completed in the past are constructing a stage over a river in Liverpool for a Swiss company and providing and constructing the equipment to enable an aeroplane to fly through a wall of paper at Manchester Airport during the launch of the Club 18-30 group.

We can honestly say that our special projects range from the sublime to the ridiculous and no requirement, however unusual, will prove to be impossible.

This year has seen us take on a number of custom build projects: Strongbow, the UK's biggest-selling cider brand, unveiled a new experiential concept for its festival marketing activity. The Graft and The Glory Festival Pub replaces the Bowtime bar, which has been used by the Heineken UK-owned brand since 2008. The new pub was designed and built at Orbit's yard in time for the Isle of Wight Festival and a second was also manufactured for the V shows.

We were also lucky enough to work for the BBC as part of the Edinburgh Festival; where for the first time we constructed an orbit building for the month of August. This involved using parts of our existing aluminium orbit system alongside newly manufactured steel components, finished off with custom-made white sheets. This resulted in the 'Big Bubble'; a 16.8m x 25m, 350 capacity venue for BBC3 comedy.

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